Hi, I’m Shitalkumar !

I’m a notaphilist, and am passionate about banknotes and the stories that accompany them. I have been actively collecting world currency notes and coins for over a decade.

Notaphily is not only a welcome exit from routine work (and a stress buster!), it also is a source of continual education and learning, which is something I value deeply. Over and above the pride that comes with having an extensive collection, this hobby exposes us to the history, culture, lifestyles, personalities, flora and fauna and much more of the countries across the world.

It is also a hobby that moulds the way I want it to, aligning with my other interests. For instances, focused collection themes like hyperinflation help me explore the economic environment of various countries, adding to my knowledge of economics.

I believe every currency banknote carries a story with it — and I hope to give these stories a voice. Taking up the role of a Currency Storyteller, I hope to educate and garner interest so I can share this hobby of mine: to grow our community and put forward an interesting way to learn about the world around us. I hope I can inspire you to join the numismatist community and experience the thrill of collecting and learning that it brings with itself!

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